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We have had the great fortune of working for some incredibly talented organizations and individuals. Here are what some of them had to say about us.

“Today is my first day on my new career path. From the first unexpected phone call from Alyssa to talking to Ryan about the process, and to today- being on payroll- it has been a terrific experience with your company. You all have treated me with kindness and respect. I appreciate all of the support, phone calls, emails and updates as we went along in this journey. I would highly recommend your company to others seeking a position as well as companies who are looking for qualified talent to talk to your organization. You two had a smooth fluid method going on and it was evident from the start and all the way up to the final offer. You are the bomb!”

John P.

“Jenn and Ryan were really fun to work with. I really appreciated the care they put into preparing me for all of my interviews.They are far more involved than other recruiters I have worked with in the past. Before the initial interview, I was given a whole prep packet prepared by Jenn and then a call from Ryan. I felt more than confident going into my interview! I hope I get to work with KCO again soon.”

Alexander T.

“KCO enhanced the job process by taking the pressure off of me and bringing forth options. This allowed me to focus on making the best career decisions for myself.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with KCO because the communication was open, quick and concise. Both Jenn and Ryan were flexible, which made it easy to coordinate with potential employers. A great all around experience!”


“KCO was wonderful to work with and the team was very supportive and helpful. The entire team walked me through each step of the hiring process and made sure I was fully prepared for this role. I am excited for this new opportunity! Credit goes to the KCO team.”

Timothy P.


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