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KCO delivers a first-rate recruiting experience! Your company will have access to a pool of highly talented candidates from well-established networks in the Food & Beverage industry.

At KCO, we strive to familiarize ourselves with not just an individual job and its requirements, but the company culture as well. We begin our search networking into a highly qualified candidate pool. After extensively interviewing top talent, we narrow it down to the best of the best and then submit them to you for review. From there, we work with the company to coordinate and schedule all interviews to ensure a successful hiring process!

We offer three different packages to fit your needs:

Exclusive Retained Search

This option is the best choice for the most important positions or roles you need to fill in an urgent timeframe. This package provides a Candidate Guarantee and gives you priority KCO team response time with highly qualified candidate resumes. Choose this search for roles that require a dedicated, focused, quick turnaround and first-rate experience!

Exclusive Search

Similar to the Exclusive Retained package. This search is recommended for positions that need a dedicated team to focus on finding candidates to fit a quick timeline.
This package also provides a Candidate Guarantee period.

Contingent Search

Best for companies that are looking to fill a role but do not have a specific timeline.
This package does not provide a Candidate Guarantee period.

Fees are based on job function, level of urgency, and difficulty of the search. The fees are determined by an agreed-upon percentage of the base salary. The fee will be determined once KCO determines the extent of your company’s needs. To discuss your company needs and get a customized quote, please email Ryan Osterhout at


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Jenn and Ryan were really fun to work with. I really appreciated the care they put into preparing me for all of my interviews. They are far more involved than other recruiters I have worked with in the past. Before the initial interview, I was given a whole prep packet prepared by Jenn and then a call from Ryan. I felt more than confident going into my interview! I hope I get to work with KCO again soon.

Alexander T.



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