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Q. Does KCO work on a National Level?
A. Yes, KCO works Nationally. We have an extensive candidate network and established client relationships that range from the East to the West Coast.

Q. Why do we have candidates fill out a Prequalification Form?
A. We have our candidates fill our Pre-Qualification forms to help us fully qualify each candidate and determine fit (for both the candidates and the hiring company). These forms also allow the candidate to provide detailed answers that showcase their personality and skill set.

Q. Does KCO work Internationally?
A. Yes, KCO has recruited globally in Production, Export, Sales, New Market Development, and Communications roles.

Q. Why does KCO specialize within very specific Industries?
A. KCO specializes within specific industries because it allows us to develop and utilize an in-depth understanding of the industry and the positions. We are the only recruiting company to specialize within manufacturing/sales of dairy and natural/organic food and beverages on both a national and international level.

Q. What types of candidates does KCO work with?
A. KCO prides itself in working with highest quality candidates in the industry. KCO uses an extremely thorough process to pre-qualify candidates before they are introduced to the client. Each candidate must be dedicated to the hiring process, interested in the position, and fully qualified through our process to be submitted to the client.

Q. What information will KCO need from me in order to apply for a position?
A. KCO will ask you for an updated copy of your resume with contact information. You may also be asked to fill out a Pre-Qualification form, a Letter of Interest to the client, as well as provide 3 Professional References.

Q. Why does KCO require these things?
A. We take pride in making sure each candidate is fully qualified for the position. A strong fit needs to be established for the position location as well as for the culture of the hiring company. A fit can only be established if it is a good match for both the candidate as well as the client.

Q. How long does the application process take?
A. The application process depends on the hiring company's time frame and urgency to fill their position. We will do our best to keep you updated during the process.

Q. What does the KCO recruiting process look like?
A. The recruiting process begins by us partnering with you to get a detailed understanding of not just each individual job and its job requirements, but also by becoming familiar with your company and what you value in your culture and environment. We then set out on our search. We do a targeted search in which we carefully screen and qualify all candidates, sending only the top candidates from our search. We strive to maintain open lines of communication between KCO, our client, and the candidates throughout the process. Communication is a key contributor to a successful hiring process.

Q. What do I get when I work with the "OTHER" recruiting agencies?
A. All of the following:

  • A Resume.
  • No summary of skills or additional candidate information.
  • Candidates that don't know the company name or products.
  • Candidates that don't know the exact location for the job they are applying to.
  • Candidates that don't know they are being submitted for your position.
  • Candidates that aren't fully qualified and aren't really a skill match.
  • Candidates that aren't fully qualified and aren't really a culture match.
  • Inconsistent Recruiter communication.
  • Green/Rookie recruiters.
  • Recruiters that don't understand your industry.
  • Recruiters that don't understand the skill set needed for your position.
  • Too many resumes for each position. These recruiters are throwing resumes at you of not fully vetted candidates just to see if they get lucky. You end up wasting your time looking at
  • resumes of or talking to unqualified candidates.

Q. Will KCO submit my information without my knowledge?
A. Never. We have a very open communication line between our candidates and the hiring company. Every candidate who is submitted is in full knowledge of the company they are being considered for, the location, and the full scope of job requirements before their application is submitted.

Q. What do I get when I work with KCO Resource Management on an Exclusive Retained Job Search:
A. All of the following:

  • A Resume.
  • A summary of the candidate's skills.
  • A completed Pre- Qualification form.
  • A Letter of Interest from the Candidate written specifically to you explaining their interest in this position.
  • A candidate that knows what company they are applying to.
  • A candidate that knows where the position is located and is interested in moving there or already lives there.
  • A candidate that fully understands the company's culture, philosophy, job responsibilities and work expectations.
  • A candidate that is very qualified AND very interested in your position.
  • A candidate that thinks your position might be their perfect job!
  • Open and detailed communication between the you, KCO and your candidate.
  • Cost of Living comparisons.
  • Salary range recommendations.
  • Travel arrangement assistance.
  • Detailed directions
  • Help in arranging interviews.
  • Help in making offers.
  • Transcribed references for candidates in final stages
  • Confirmation of start date.
  • Your perfect candidate.
  • A filled position.